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Bohiti Fotuto is a Philadelphia media company providing digital content in copy, graphic, video, and audio forms. Bohiti Fotuto is also the pseudonym for artist, and business founder, Oskar Pierre Castro.  

Bohiti has been creating art since he can remember and has been exploring a variety of mediums that has enabled him to be connected to a multitude of organizers, artists, and community organizations throughout the world. 

Born in Camden, NJ and raised in Lawnside, NJ Bohiti is a product of the Catholic school system, a graduate of Rowan University, and a student of the complexities of life. He is a member of the Religious Society of Friends, a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., the father of two incredibly talented daughters, and husband to one of his favorite feminist activists. 


Bohiti Fotuto as an enterprise works with with DJ's, small business owners, promoters, musicians, healers, non-profits, the friends of friends, and art lovers. 

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Bohiti (bo-eee-tee) Fotuto (foe-two-toe)

BOHITI: The title of a shaman, a Taino spiritual leader, connected to the wisdom of both the plant and spirit worlds.

FOTUTO: a musical instrument made from a conch shell.

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