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Afro-Futurist Tales


KYMATICA is set hundreds of years in earth's future following the collapse of human civilization in the 21st century due to the impact of climate change. Among the people who managed to successfully survive the calamity are those who were saved by the egalitarianism of a tech mogul, Remiel Spirare, who had prepared for 30 years to save humanity from the disasters that she knew were coming. She used her wealth to create secret, self-sustaining habitats built under the very oceans that were now mostly devoid of life. Scattered around the globe she called them Artificial Respiratory Centers or ARCs. She named her new "nation" after herself, Spirare.

300 years into the future and humanity has gone back to its territorial ways. The society Remiel Spirare created to keep humanity alive has thrived though it was not the only thing that survived. Another group of people managed to survive the calamity by taking over underground military installations and finding refuge within deep caves. With the help of salvaged technology this society has also thrived in its own rugged way and it is separate from the more corporate society. The story takes place in the middle of a ceasefire between the sterile Spirare world and the cobbled together, independent confederacy of Lemuria. Ikhan is a young woman who finds herself pulled into the middle of a simmering conflict. She is reluctantly recruited by a community of pacifists from the Temple of Kymatica to fulfill a prophecy that puts her on a collision course with the ruler of Spirare and perhaps, a return to the surface for humanity.


In an alternate universe, and a very different future, the struggle for freedom takes on a whole new meaning.

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